Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Global Solidarity Campaign for Anwar Ibrahim

Justice for Anwar Ibrahim Campaign
Over the last 2 years, my colleagues and I have been on a concerted campaign to highlight the political persecution of Malaysia’s champion and advocate of freedom, democracy and justice, Mr Anwar Ibrahim, who is also Leader of the Opposition in our Parliament on charges of sodomy for the second time since the first charge (in 1998) was overturned by the courts in 2004. As a result of our efforts, there is increasing support from the Malaysian people that this humiliation and violation of a fellow citizen’s fundamental rights should be cease forthwith. It is a blemish on Malaysia’s international image.

The present case against Mr. Anwar which is before the courts should be dropped forthwith. This is because there is no foundation in fact for this case to proceed at the expense of taxpayers’ money and the conscience of the peace loving and decent Malaysians. Four accredited doctors including a panel of three doctors from a Malaysian government hospital concluded there was no sign of sexual assault on the accuser, Mr. Saiful Bukhari. The Malaysian government has persistently refused to heed the voices of its citizenry and, therefore, we have little choice but to take this tragic episode in our history before the international community.

We, therefore, urge you and your colleagues to endorse our call to the Malaysian Government for an end to the political persecution of Mr. Anwar Ibrahim. We are confident that with your support the Malaysian people will be further encouraged to persuade their representatives in our Parliament to do what is right in the name of justice to end our Government’s political vendetta against our leader who has done so much in so short a time to promote fundamental human rights and democracy in Malaysia.

Yusmadi Yusoff, MP
Chairman of KeADILan International Bureau


(In the event you wish to join me for this call, please email me indicating your name, organization/affiliation and country) .

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